Through diligent search and careful attention, Synthetic Gold Records. Collections of most inspired work,  productions in the finest quality of techno and house music. Remastered and presented on vinyl record, representing and bringing together some bright moments from some of the world's most creative record labels. 


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Franco Cinelli (Argentina)



Franco Cinelli born in Rosario, Argentina in 1978. One of the most well known  techno DJs from Argentina. One of the most requested producers in the 'minimal world'. Having a stunning release row including Alphahouse, Bass Culture, Raum, Harry Klein, Esperanza, Adjunct, Hometown, Love Letters from Oslo, Aux Rec, Unluck Recordings, Ilian Tape :- just to mention a selection of his carreer releases; and also remixing for several labels like: Weave, Sunset, Produkt, Claque Musique, International Freak Show, The Untold Stories and Hello Repeat?, and not forgetting having worked with a considerable number of most inspired artists from studios worldwide, throughout the last two plus decades, Franco's inspired energy continues to eliven with new material and DJ sets in 2020. His production, much aclaimed, deep and distinct - originally inspired by the sounds of Detroit, when making his first tracks. Now running Psyfunkt label.  

Anestie Gomez (Greece)

Born in Athens, Greece, on a rainy day * in the long forgotten 80's, Anestie to his mom, always had an innate and almost unbearable itch for music. At the age of nine, his dad sponsored the purchase of his first vinyl, Deep Purple's Made in Japan. "Growing up with 70's and 80's rock sparked a lifestyle of not caring much," he admits, but it also made him quickly realize his love for music.

From then on, while gigging with the likes of Rhadoo, Cabanne, Valentino Kanzyani, Danton Eeprom, Seuil, dOP, Kassem Mosse, Mikael Stavostrand, Tolga Fidan, Fabrizio Maurizi, Lee Burridge, James Zabiela, and live appearances in Japan, Mexico, USA, U.K, a guest mix for Nic Fanciulli's Worldwide Sounds prestigious radio show, Anestie started showing his abilities to the world. His amazing mixing skills complement his phenomenal energy behind the DJ box.


STL (Germany)

The acclaimed German producer. Stephan Laubner, better known as STL has long been one of the most respected producers in the underground electronic music scene. Racking up releases on the likes of Smallville, Perlon, Echospace [Detroit], The Untold Stories, and his own Something Records.